The family physician advisory line provides you advice on minor health problems, instructions for first aid, and, if necessary, information on health management-related issues. 

Family physician advisory line is a nationwide line that provides professional medical advice 24/7.

Experienced counsellors (family nurses and family physicians) answer the phone.

Medical advice from the family physician advisory line is available in Estonian, English and Russian.

You can ask for advice on your health concerns by calling the short number 1220* or the landline +372 6346 630. You can call a long number both from Estonia and abroad.


  • On family physician advisory line, family physicians and nurses provide advice 24/7 in Estonian and Russian. Counseling in English is available daily from 3pm to 5pm.
  • On family physician advisory line, patients can request personalized counselling. At the permission of the caller, the physician on the advisory line can look up the caller's health records to give more precise advice. Within personalized counselling, the consulting physician enters the counselling information into digital health records, so that the family physician can be updated with the health condition that caused his/her patient's concern.

Call cost

When calling the short number 1220, you will be charged the short number tariff of up to 30 eurocents per minute.

Please note! Regarding the precise prices per minute of calling the family physician advisory line, the short number 1220, and the landline +372 6346 630, please contact your telephone operator company! 



To give feedback on the activities of the family physician advisory line, you can contact the Perearsti Nõuandeliin OÜ private limited company (e-mail address info [at] or phone +372 699 9691), the Health Insurance Fund (e-mail address info [at] or phone +372 669 6630) or the Health Board (e-mail address kesk [at] or phone +372 694 3500).