Benefits for temporary incapacity for work

NB! From July 1, 2023, the pre-corona sickness benefit payment procedure will be restored

The government decided to restore the pre-corona order for the payment of sick leaves from July 1, 2023. This means that the sickness benefit is paid to the employee from the fourth day instead of the second day.

From July 1, when issuing a primary sick leave, the first three days are the employee's deductible, the employer pays from the fourth to the eighth day, and from the ninth day of illness, the Health Fund pays compensation.

In the case of a primary sick leave issued up to and including June 30, the first day of illness is the employee's own responsibility, the employer pays from the second to the fifth day, and the Health Insurance Fund pays compensation from the sixth day of illness.

The benefit for temporary incapacity of work is monetary compensation paid to insured persons on the basis of a certificate of incapacity of work, if the person foregoes social-taxed income due to a temporary exemption from work. The procedure of paying the benefit for temporary incapacity for work depends on the type of the certificate of incapacity of work and the causes of the incapacity of work.

The employer does not have to pay sickness benefits if the reasons for the layoff are occupational disease, occupational accident (including traffic accident), complication/illness resulting from an occupational accident, injury while protecting the interests of the state or society and preventing crime, transfer to lighter work, and illness or injury during pregnancy. In such cases, the Health Insurance Fund pays the sickness benefit from the second day.

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