Pregnant women

A pregnant woman living in Estonia and whose pregnancy has been identified by a doctor or a midwife is entitled to health insurance cover.

Applying for health insurance cover

There are the following options for submitting a doctor's and midwife's certificate and application:

  1. in the state portal service "Applying for health insurance (Pregnant; student abroad)"
  2. digitally signed by e-mail to  info [at] (info[at]tervisekassa[dot]ee),
  3. By post to the address Lastekodu 48, Tallinn, 10113

Lapseootel naine

The pregnancy verification document must contain the following information:

  • name of healthcare provider;
  • address of healthcare provider;
  • activity license number of healthcare provider;
  • name of doctor or midwife, and number of registration certificate;
  • contact details of doctor or midwife;
  • first name and surname of pregnant woman;
  • personal identification code of pregnant woman;
  • duration of pregnancy in weeks;
  • estimated date of delivery;
  • signature and stamp of doctor or midwife;
  • date of issue of the certificate.


Commencement of health insurance cover

The insurance cover will commence as of the making of an entry on commencement of the insurance cover in the health insurance database.
EHIF will make the entry within five calendar days of receiving the correct documents.

Termination of health insurance cover

The insurance cover will terminate three months after the estimated date of delivery as determined by a doctor. After that, the state provides a woman on parental leave with health insurance cover until the child reaches the age of 3. More details can be found here.



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