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The change of the Estonian name of the Health Insurance Fund from Haigekassa to Tervisekassa is a necessary change of direction in our health care

In recent years, the Health Insurance Fund has funnelled more and more funds in the prevention of diseases and promotion of people’s health. For example, cancer screening, monitoring of chronic diseases, health care at school and examinations for children and their parents have been expanded, free flu vaccines have been given out, and emphasis has been placed on the development of integrated care pathways and e-solutions.

“The name change of the Health Insurance Fund has raised questions and caused some confusion for people, but we believe that it is a fundamental and necessary change in Estonian health care. Changing the name is related to the goal of emphasising the end result of our activities – maintaining and restoring our health. The Health Insurance Fund is not a passive payer of treatment invoices, but instead supports the provision of health services and paying for them in a comprehensive, person-centred way, valuing the health outcome,” said Rain Laane, Head of the Health Insurance Fund.