To Medical Institutions

The purpose of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund is to ensure high level medical and nursing care in Estonia in with solidarity-based health insurance. To this end, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund enters into five-year framework agreements with family doctors and regional and central hospitals and with general hospitals operating in counties.

The aforementioned regional, central and general hospitals are listed in the Government Regulation establishing the hospital network development plan (HND). Through these hospitals is guaranteed the integrity of health care - outpatient care, day care and hospital care - throughout the country. The duty of these hospitals, in addition to planned medical care, is also to ensure confidence for all emergency illnesses.

In addition to HND hospitals, important providers of health care are also other health care providers or partners of choice of the Health Insurance Fund. These authorities supplement the services provided by hospitals and provide additional opportunities for people for accessing health services.

In the section of medical institutions, you will find all the information pertaining to the cooperation between the Health Insurance Fund and its contractual partners.

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