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Health Portal

In the Health Portal you can view your health information. All insured persons can view their treatment invoices for which EHIF has paid to medical institutions.

By logging in with your ID-card or Mobile-ID you can:

  • view your health information i.e. medical documents prepared and sent to the health information system by your doctors
  • check the validity of your health certificate
  • designate representatives for various functions (for example, purchasing a prescribed medicine)
  • submit declarations of will
  • check when and by whom your health information has been viewed.

State Portal

By logging into the State Portal with your ID-card, Mobile-ID, Smart-ID or banklink, you can use the following e-services offered by EHIF:

Change of personal data

Changing your current account, e-mail address and telephone number

To change your information, the following options are available:

  1. via service “Account number and personal data in the Health Insurance Fund”;
  2. by submitting an application to the Health Insurance Fund

Please send your digitally signed application to the address info [at] (info[at]tervisekassa[dot]ee). You can also mail a paper application to the address Lastekodu 48, Tallinn 10144. 

Person’s name

EHIF receives the information on name change automatically from the population register. Data is updated daily.


Data on the principal place of residence is forwarded to EHIF directly from the population register. Data is updated daily. EHIF sends all notices, messages and other documents (information about the termination of insurance cover, a call for cancer screening, etc.) also to the address of the person's population register.

How to change your information

Please notify the population register of any changes in your address. You do not need to notify EHIF separately.

To enter or change the residence information in the register, you have to submit a signed residence notice to the local rural municipality or city government. This can be done by going to the local government, by mail or e-mail or by using the e-services of the population register in the State Portal

You must inform the population register of moving to a new address, of any incorrect data or absence of data.

More information on the registration of residence is available on the website of the  Ministry of the Interior.

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Did you find what you were looking for?

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