Dental Care

Oral health is part of general health and maintaining it is important at any age. The Health Insurance Fund finances the prevention and treatment of oral and dental diseases and emergency dental care by contract partners. 

Dental care contract partners

Financing of the service is different for children and adults. More detailed information can be found on the topic pages:

Dental care for children

Dental care for adults

Suukool is a nationwide project that deals with the prevention of oral and dental diseases in children and young people. The project is financed by the Health Insurance Fund and activities are planned and carried out in cooperation with the Estonian Dental Association. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of oral health so that children in Estonia grow up with healthy teeth. Suukool is not only intended for children, as it also provides necessary information to maintain oral health for adults.

Let’s take care of our and our loved ones’ oral health together! 

Contact us

Contact the Health Insurance Fund if you have any questions about dental care service.

We can disclose information containing your personal data only when we have verified your identity as a person requesting information or clarification. To verify your identity you can choose between the following options:

  • send an e-mail with a digitally signed application to info [at] (info[at]tervisekassa[dot]ee);
  • send an application signed by hand to the Health Insurance Fund by mail: Lastekodu 48, Tallinn 10113;
  • call the Health Insurance Fund’s customer service at +372 669 6630 and identify yourself with mobile ID or Smart-ID.

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