Dental care for children

Parents play an important role in ensuring the child’s oral health. It is recommended to take the child to the dentist at least once a year – this way, the dentist can advise the child and the parent on the prevention of oral and dental diseases, diseases can be detected as early as possible, and the development of severe occlusion disorders can be prevented.  

A child’s mouth needs to be cleaned from birth. An infant’s gums can be cleaned with a damp gauze pad. Once the first deciduous teeth have erupted from the gums, they need to be cleaned with a brush. Parents should brush their children’s teeth and check the quality of brushing at least until they start going to school. When brushing teeth, the parents have the opportunity to see what is happening in the child’s mouth – which teeth have erupted, whether teeth are moving and starting to be replaced, or whether the teeth or gums show signs of disease. If everything is fine, make sure to visit the dentist before the child turns three years of age. But we recommend taking children to the dentist earlier.  

Studies have shown that if the teeth are strong and healthy and the gums are free of inflammation by the end of adolescence, treatment will not be needed for several decades and an annual prophylactic examination by the dentist is sufficient. Thus, with the help of correct oral hygiene techniques and preventive control in children, it is possible to avoid situations that require spending a large portion of savings on dental care in adulthood.  

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