Emergency dental care

All adults have the right to free emergency dental care, whether or not they have health insurance. Free emergency dental care is provided if the postponement or non-provision of care could result in the death or permanent damage to the health of the person in need. Emergency care is provided in case of an emergency that requires the extraction of a tooth or the opening of an abscess. The dentist decides whether the condition requires emergency dental care.

In order to receive emergency dental care, you must turn to a dentist who has entered into a contract with the Health Insurance Fund because the Health Insurance Fund pays only its contract partners for the services provided to both insured and uninsured adults.

Services provided in emergency dental care:

  • Patient examination, consultation
  • Topical anaesthesia (mucosal anaesthesia)
  • Local injection anaesthesia
  • Removal of a single rooted tooth
  • Removal of a multi-rooted tooth
  • Removal of a deeply broken tooth or a broken tooth
  • Opening and treating of an abscess
  • Trauma wound dressing
  • Replacing a loose tooth
  • Stopping the bleeding with a suture
  • Post-surgery follow-up
  • Tooth or implant removal (with partial bone removal)
  • X-ray of a tooth
  • X-ray of the whole mouth


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Did you find what you were looking for?

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