What should you do if you fall ill?

Home remedies are usually sufficient for milder cases of illness. You can find advice on home remedies online at tervisekassa.ee/kodune-ravi. You can also always ask your pharmacist for advice.

If you have a health concern, please contact your family medicine centre or call the family physician advisory line 1220* for quick advice and guidance on further treatment.

If possible, check the website of your family medicine centre before contacting them. Via the website, it is often possible to:

  • send a description of your health problem
  • order a repeat prescription
  • start and end a sick leave and care leave
  • submit a request for vaccination
  • submit a request for a health certificate.

*When calling 1220, the standard tariff for the service number will apply and the price will vary according to the operator of the caller (Elisa, Tele2, Telia, etc.).

Communication with the family medicine centre

If your family medicine centre receives your referral via the website, you will get the most convenient answer to your concern and, if necessary, be referred to an appointment.

In most cases, your first point of contact at the family medicine centre will be your family nurse, who will assess your health and treatment needs as well as give advice on minor health problems. How quickly you can have an appointment will be determined by the severity of your medical condition.

If you have an appointment with your family physician, please be there on time.

Before your appointment, think through your health concerns thoroughly and write down the most important things. This way, you can discuss everything you need to know during the appointment and the appointment will not take longer than it should.

If you have more than one health concern, they may take longer to resolve. It may therefore be necessary to book several consecutive appointments – ask your family nurse or receptionist on the phone.

If you cannot make an appointment, let the family medicine centre know in good time.

If your family physician does not think you need to undergo certain tests or examinations, please trust their decision.

Trust your family nurse and your family physician and stick to the treatment guidelines they give you.

Please communicate with your family nurse and family physician during their working hours. Polite and respectful communication is important both ways.

Did you find what you were looking for?

Did you find what you were looking for?

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